Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Veterinarian

When you bring your pet to the vet, there are certain questions you should ask your veterinarian.  Below we list the top 5 questions you should ask your veterinarian and why you should ask.

  • What’s my pet’s ideal weight?

Your veterinarian can determine your pet’s ideal weight based on breed, age, sex and the physical condition of your pet. Healthy weight reduces a pet’s risk of disease and injury and gives your pet a longer life expectancy. Your veterinarian can teach you to assess your pet’s body condition by observing its shape and feeling around the rib cage.  whats my pets ideal weight

  • How much exercise does my pet need?

There needs to a balance between caloric intake and calories used.  The right amount of exercise will ensure a healthy weight for your pet.  Keeping your pet at a healthy weight will lower the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory disease, kidney disease and some forms of cancer.  Ask your vet how much exercise your pet needs to balance caloric intake and calories used.

  • What should I feed my pet?

Our pets need to be fed a nutritious and healthy diet.  We need to eliminate table scraps and high calorie treats.  Different life stages require different types of feeding. Your vet can determine what your pet needs to get out of their diet to stay healthy.

  • Are my pet’s teeth and gums healthy?

Dental disease can lead to problems with your pet’s organs.  Four out of five dogs over the age of 3 have periodontal disease.  Your pet may be experiencing dental pain that you don’t know about.  These are all problems that can be prevented by asking your vet if your pet’s teeth and gums are healthy.animal gums healthy appleton animal med center

  • Is my pet up to date on all essential vaccinations?

Vaccinating your pet is considered the easiest ways to maintain a long healthy life for your pet.  By asking your vet if your pet is up to date on all essential vaccinations, your vet can best determine a vaccination schedule based on your pet’s age, medical history, environment, and lifestyle.

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