Common Veterinarian Pet Questions

Whether you are a new pet owner or a long-time pet owner, there may be a time that you have a question about your pet; here are some common veterinarian pet questions. My pet is throwing up or has diarrhea? What should I do? Depending […]

How to tell if your pet has skin allergies

Our pets mean the world to us, and taking care of them can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. If your pet has skin allergies, it could be for a few different reasons, and knowing what may cause allergies can help […]

Grain Allergy Dog Food

If your dog suffers from a grain allergy, it can be difficult finding food for them. Grain allergy dog food is relatively common, but some pet owners might not realize that their dog has one or if they do have a grain allergy what food […]

Protecting your pets from COVID-19

Here at Animal Medical Center, we know that protecting your pets from COVID-19 is very important to you, and during this pandemic, it is crucial to care and protect them from the virus as well as yourself. There have little to no reported cases of […]

What to Know About Owning a Bird

A bird as a pet seems simple enough, but it’s a lot of work!  There is so much more to owning a bird than sticking a bird in a cage and feeding it.  Find out the dos and don’ts to owning a bird before taking […]