Tips For Keeping Your Cat Healthy

If you are a cat parent and animal lover, your cat is a member of your family. We all try and keep our pets as happy and healthy as possible. Some people think that since cats are so independent, that they don’t require any maintenance. […]

Signs Your Dog Is Getting Sick

Sometimes the signs your dog getting sick are not so obvious as humans. Humans cough, sneeze, and can vocalize when they don’t feel good, which is clearly not the case with animals! The animal med center is here to give you the full rundown, so […]

Why Is Pet Dental Cleaning Important

Human teeth and animal teeth have a lot of similarities. Could you imagine if you almost NEVER brushed your teeth? Pet’s teeth work the same way. If your pet is not receiving a regular dental cleaning, you are completely ignoring a huge part of their […]

How To Get Rid of Fleas From Your Home

Fleas are something that no pet owner wants to deal with. In the unfortunate event that your animal does get fleas and attracts them into your home, we have some simple tips to spot and get rid of fleas from your home and your pets. […]

Family Vacation? Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Summertime means sun, fun, and family vacations. And your family doesn’t only include you, your spouse, and the kids. Your dogs are just as much a part of the family as the rest of the gang. That means your summer family vacation may likely include […]

What You Should Know About Anxiety in Dogs

What many dog owners do not realize about their dogs is that they can suffer from mental health issues much like a human being can. For example, depression and anxiety are both very real conditions that dogs can suffer from. If you are concerned about […]

Vaccines and Your Dog

You love your dog, which means you want the absolute best for them. This includes bringing Fluffy or Fido to regular preventative check-ups, feeding them the vet-recommended food, and helping them to get plenty of physical activity. Along with keeping your pup healthy and fit, […]

To Spay Or Not To Spay? Reasons To Spay Or Neuter Your Dog

Your puppy isn’t exactly ready to become a mommy or a daddy. At least not yet. But that shouldn’t stop you from starting a conversation with your vet about spaying or neutering your pet. Typically done between six and nine months of age, spay and […]