Thorough Exams for New Pets in Appleton

appleton vetYour new buddy brings love and joy to your Appleton home. A new pet visit at Animal Medical Center of Appleton sets the precedent for the rest of your animal’s life. Our animal care technicians will thoroughly check your animal for disease, infections and injuries. A thorough exam includes the following checks:

  • Ears – survey for growths, parasites and infections.
  • Eyes – check for light reactions and discoloring.
  • Skin and coat – examine dry skin, excessive shedding and lesions.
  • Weight – measure weight and size.
  • Teeth – check for periodontal issues.
  • Heart and lungs – heart murmurs can be detected using a stethoscope.

We Provide Spaying, Neutering & Microchipping

appleton vetUnless you’re a dog or cat breeder, you’re unlikely to want your animal to procreate. When you spay or neuter your animal, you are helping to prevent unwanted litters as well as contributing to your pet’s overall health. Spaying and neutering your animal means you will experience less behavioral issues as well as helping to prevent such diseases as mammary and testicular cancer in your animal. Our pet surgery options offer support and guidance through the entire process. Your animal is a member of the family, and losing him or her would be devastating. Microchipping your pet creates a reliable form of identification that will help to return your family friend should he or she get lost or run away. The procedure for implanting a microchip is safe and easy, and can be done no matter the age of your new best friend.

Happy Puppies & Kittens From Neenah & Beyond

The best start to your new bond with your animal is a trip to the vet. Establishing a relationship with a veterinarian will start your pet’s life off on the right foot. If you live in Oshkosh, Appleton, Menasha, Neenah, Kaukauna, Hortonville, New London or Greenville, call us at 920-749-1717 to make an appointment today.