Your dog or cat cannot explain where it hurts or describe symptoms for a vet.  Our new Digital X-Ray system is state of the art. The team at Animal Medical Center of Appleton will complete comprehensive diagnostic testing to determine the extent of your pet’s needs. Digital X-rays can be used to expose internal issues difficult to discern otherwise. The ability to see inside an animal’s body is invaluable in treating underlying conditions. A radiograph (X-ray) can help to diagnose broken bones, internal bleeding, heartworm disease, tumors and even foreign objects that may be obstructing the intestinal tract. X-rays are easy to schedule and complete.

Additional Diagnostics

Veterinary diagnostics extend far beyond radiology. Although an important part of the puzzle, X-rays are used in conjunction with blood tests, urinalysis, fecal exams and electrocardiograms to create a complete picture of your animal’s health. We offer pets and their families in Appleton advanced diagnostic equipment, including an in-house laboratory so samples can be quickly and expertly reviewed and tested. The quicker turnaround time means a better experience for your animal and less waiting for you. The particular veterinary needs of your pet will be met with our superior facility and helpful, compassionate staff.

Serving the Neenah Area & Beyond

Caring for your animal’s unique health needs is a difficult part of dog or cat ownership. Partnering with the veterinary team at the Animal Medical Center of Appleton will make every trip to the vet a little bit easier. For families in Kaukauna, Oshkosh, Greenville, Appleton, Neenah, New London or Menasha, our team is the right match. Whether you’re looking for animal X-rays, a wellness visit or pet dental care, we have a solution for your needs. Call 920-749-1717 today to make an appointment with one of our talented vets.