Protect Your Dog from Ticks and Fleas This Summer

Summer is a fantastic time for you and your furry best friend to get on all kinds of adventures. There are so many interesting trails in the area and up north is beautiful and peaceful. Nature is one of the best things about summer, but it can also be a time filled with anxiety for your dog getting ticks or fleas. These annoying critters can be a year-round issue, but during the summer they tend to get even more active. It is super important to find a way to keep the ticks and fleas off your best friend so they can continue living their best life. Here are a few tips to help keep your dog tick and flee free.

Prevention – The most important step is prevention. Removing fleas and ticks after the fact can get messy; not to mention the diseases and health risks fleas and ticks pose. The best prevention comes from your vet. Prescription flea and tick medicine is a great recommendation to let you rest easy. There are a ton of options though from flea collars to pills and ointments that can help keep your dog safe. The best way to wade through the sea of options is to talk to your vet and see what is best for you.

Run consistent checks – Checking your dog's coat often for fleas and ticks is super important. Many people do this when they are out in a wooded area with their dog, and this is really smart! Wooded areas are usually more likely to carry fleas and ticks as there are so many bushes and weeds where ticks and fleas could be staying. If you notice a flea or tick on your dog, it is important to remove it as fast as possible. Flea and tick shampoo removers are great for this and help you thoroughly clean your dog as to make sure you remove every last critter!

Regularly clean prominent dog areas – It is also just as important to run checks on your dog even when they haven’t been out in the woods. Your home can also accumulate ticks and fleas on your carpet or your dog's bed. It is important to clean these areas of your home to help prevent a flea or tick problem.

If you follow these simple tips, you will have much less to worry about with fleas and ticks. Make sure you and your dog have the best summer ever! Visit Animal Medical Center today and talk to our amazing team for important flea and tick information.

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