How Often Should You Take Your Cat to a Vet?

Cats are the perfect furry friend. They are always there for you and are incredibly cute! Cat owners are some of the best around. We want your cat to live a long happy life and we know you do too! The best way to take care of your cat and ensure a long life is regular trips to the vet. Wellness visits are intended to detect and prevent any long-term illnesses. How often you take your cat to the vet all comes down to how old they are and their general health. Here is a good guide for how often you should take your cat to the vet:

Kittens (Less than 1 year old) – Kittens need a lot of attention. We recommend you take your kitten to the vet every month. There are a ton of vaccinations they should be getting to protect against common infectious diseases. These vaccines will be administered throughout the first year and can help protect from fatal feline diseases such as Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Feline Calicivirus, and Feline Panleukopenia. It is super important to take your kittens early care very seriously, so they stay healthy for a long time!

Adult cats (1-10 years old) – After one year, your kitten is considered an adult cat. Adult cats can visit the vet annually instead of monthly depending on your cat’s health. Annual wellness visits are super important because they are the only line to prevent long term problems. We need to identify these early to keep your cat safe.

Senior cats (11+ years old) – Cats are considered senior cats after 11 years. Older cats are more likely to catch diseases or have certain health issues, so taking them to the vet every six months is recommended. This is not the catch all for all cats though. It is highly recommended to discuss this with your vet so you know how often you should take your cat with their specific health.

Going to the vet frequently is a great way to prevent diseases and future issues. Preventing is the best way to keep your cat safe for years to come!

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