The best treats for pet dental care

Spoiling your pet is something all pet owners love to do, but what if there was a way to spoil your pet and make them healthier. Here are the 3 best treats for pet dental care that you can give to your pet. 

To your pet’s delight, there are quite a few types of chew brands that are VOHC approved for pets. These treats can help prevent plaque and tartar accumulation while also giving your dog a nice snack in the meantime. Here is a list of some of the popular VOHC approved chews for pet dental care:

While most chews are typically used for dogs that chew finding one that your cat likes is possible. 


  • KONG Toys

These toys are especially great for pet dental care because of the variety to choose from. From small dogs to big dogs, even cats can enjoy KONG Toys. This provides your pet with a safe way to chew their rubber toy to make their teeth healthy. These toys also provide the opportunity to have a treat placed inside them, perhaps a VOHC approved chew to get that extra dental care. 


  • Edible Nylabones

There are two main types of Nylabones edible and inedible. It is important for pet owners whose pets love to chew things to shreds to get edible Nylabones. Nylabones are great for your pet’s teeth, but if you don’t get the edible ones it could cause problems for your pet as little pieces fall off and they eat them. 


If you want to spoil your pet in other ways besides treats and toys that will help with pet dental care. Visit Animal Medical Center to get the best car for your pet.