When you need a medical and surgical veterinarian in Appleton, WI, the Animal Medical Center has you covered. From pet dental to medical and surgical care, we have been serving Appleton and surrounding areas for years.

Medical and Surgical Veterinarian Appleton, WI

As a pet owner, the thought of surgery for your loved one can be upsetting. We understand that, and we are here to help you make educated decisions for your pet. We will walk you through the various steps of surgery, as well as what recovery looks like for your pet.

We offer two types of surgery:Medical and Surgical Veterinarian appleton

  • Orthopedic Animal Surgery – This covers dislocated joints, bone-related issues like torn ligaments, and broken bones. Feline declawing falls under this category as well.
  • Soft Tissue Animal Surgery – covers surgery of the skin, organs, skin biopsy, tumor removal, wound repair, foreign object removal, and eye treatments.

Our surgical team at Animal Medical Center is continually learning and keeping up with the latest medical procedures. To give you a complete comprehensive diagnosis, we have a digital x-ray system that is state of the art. We also offer laser surgery, which provides less pain, bleeding, swelling, and reduced risk of infection for your pet. Laser surgery is also known for quicker recovery time. Our goal is to give your pet the best care with the least amount of stress.

More Veterinary Services Appleton, WI

New Pet Veterinary Visits – Includes a thorough exam of your new pet. We go over your pet from top to bottom to ensure the best start for your pet. 

Spaying or Neutering – Prevents serious health problems for your pet.

Microchipping – Peace of mind for pets that wander.

Pet Dental – Teeth cleaning, digital dental x-rays, and help with common dental issues.

Exotic Pet Care – Medical and surgical veterinarian care for most exotic species, including husbandry and nutritional counseling. We have served rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, lizards, snakes, turtles, and more.

If you require a medical and surgical veterinarian in Appleton, WI, contact Animal Medical Center. We know you love your pet, and we are here to help you every step of your relationship. We proudly serve pet owners in Appleton and surrounding areas.