What to Know About Owning a Bird

A bird as a pet seems simple enough, but it’s a lot of work!  There is so much more to owning a bird than sticking a bird in a cage and feeding it.  Find out the dos and don’ts to owning a bird before taking on the task.  Birds are high maintenance pets.  They are wild creatures that need to be exercised and socialized.  These are just a few things you should know about owning a bird. Different species of birds need different amounts and types of care.  If you plan on owning a bird as a pet, do your research.  Preparing for the various needs of your pet ensures that they get the proper treatment and care they deserve.pet bird tips

What You Should Know……

  • Birds are early risers, if you like to sleep in, a bird may not be for you.
  • Birds are messy, especially when it comes to eating-make sure your vacuum cleaner is up to the challenge.
  • Birds bite – all of them, to keep their beaks in shape, not to be mean!
  • Certain houseplants need to go – many houseplants are toxic to birds, for example: Lillies, Ivy and Philodendron are all toxic. Get rid of Teflon, and other nonstick cookware – these items give off toxic, odorless fumes that can kill a bird within minutes.
  • Quit smoking-birds are extremely susceptive to the toxicity of tobacco products, even lingering on clothing and skin.
  • No more scented candles air fresheners or scented oils – a bird’s sensitive respiratory system cannot handle chemicals and fumes.
  • Don’t wear shiny clothing or jewelry-birds are attracted to shiny objects and they will take them

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