How to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Cat’s are great animals to have in a home but just like teenagers if not fed or cared for enough, they can get “cranky”.

Here are a few tips to keep your cat healthy:

Find a good diet for your cat

The key to a healthy cat starts with the food that it eats.  The healthier and more nutritious the cat food your cat eats the better for it to feel happier and healthier. Dry food and canned food are great options that can provide high animal protein which is perfect for your cat.

Every cat loves to play

Just how we humans need to exercise, cats get their exercise from playing with toys or their owners. By playing with your cat, not only does it allow them to increase muscle and brain use but it will create a deeper bond between you and your cat. 

Make sure your cat is vaccinated and protected

If your cat isn’t vaccinated or protected from fleas, ticks, or heartworm it can be very discomforting for them and the owner. No owner wants to watch their cat struggle through life like that, that is why it’s important to make sure your cat is ready for everything. Talk to your local veterinarian about what is needed to keep your cat protected. 

Clean the litter box

Cleaning the litter box is not only useful to your cat’s well-being but also to the owner to see if everything is alright with your cat. If you notice any blood in the litter box make an appointment with your vet right away to see what the problem is. 

Clean your cat

Cats need your help cleaning themselves as well, while they do a lot of cleaning nothing can substitute what you the owner can do for them. Brushing your cat is a great way to clean them and to know if anything is on their skin that needs to be addressed. 


For more information on how to have a healthy cat call or visit Animal Medical Center of Appleton to learn more.