The Best Toys for Your Pet Bird

Pet birds need toys to mentally stimulate them and actively engage them. A bored bird can be a danger to itself. Birds need toys to occupy their feet, their beaks, hanging toys, and vertical toys. Offer your bird many toy options to determine what it likes best. Larger birds need more attention, so interactive toys are best. Smaller birds enjoy their reflections, so mirrored toys are suggested. Most birds are attracted to brightly colored objects, so that is something to consider when choosing the right toys. Intelligent toys and foraging toys may keep your bird busy for extended lengths of time. The best toys for your bed bird should be destructible and indestructible, to fill your birds’ different needs. Birds need to shred and pull, but also need toys that can withstand gnawing and chewing to keep beaks in shape. The best toys for your pet bird will simulate what your bird would get if still in the wild.

What are the best type of toys for Your Pet Bird?

  • Foraging toys – requires birds to work for its food, as in the wild
  • Preening toys – such as ropes prevent your bird from over preening itself out of boredom
  • Shredding toys – relieves stress in birds
  • Chew toys – especially important for larger birds to sharpen and keep beaks in shape
  • Comfort toys – birds are social animals and like to snuggle other birds, comfort toys allow a cuddling effect, or gives a bird something to nest inside
  • Exercise toys – caged birds need to active, provide them with swings and ladders for exercise

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