Is it Bad Not to Get Your Dog’s Teeth Cleaned?

February has been declared pet dental month, so we as pet owners are made aware of the importance of our pet’s dental health.  We may ask, is it bad not to get your dog’s teeth cleaned?  There are many reasons that the answer to this question is a resounding YES!  We may think the only reason to get our dog’s teeth cleaned is to prevent horrific breath and brown teeth, but there are many health reasons as to why we need to clean our dog’s teeth. So, if your dog has terrible breath and brown teeth, he/she needs a dental examination. Bad breath is the first sign of gum disease.  Gum disease can be the start of significant health issues in dogs. Eighty percent of dogs have some degree of periodontal disease by age two! Bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream through compromised/unhealthy gum tissue and this can cause damage throughout the dog’s body.professional pet teeth cleaning

Diseases Caused by Poor Dental Health

  •         Heart valve infections
  •         Blood infection
  •         Bone infections
  •         Liver infections

Brushing a dog’s teeth is not an easy task.  Shoot for at least one brushing a week.  Start brushing your dog’s teeth when they are puppies to get them used to the process.  Bring your dog to the vet for professional cleaning at least once a year, most vets recommend every six months especially for smaller dogs.  Smaller dogs are more prone to periodontal disease.

Schedule a Cleaning

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