5 Ways to Spoil Your Cat or Dog on National Pet Month

Our pets are our babies, and sometimes we want to show them some extra love.  May is a good month to do it because it is National Pet Month. We have come up with our favorite 5 ways to spoil your cat or dog for National Pet Month.

spoil your cat or dog for national pet month

  1. Get Down on the Floor

Get down on the floor with your cat or dog.  Wrestle, give extra belly rubs and throw some toys.  Give your pet your undivided attention. You do realize that is all they really want, don’t you?

  1. Special Treats

Spoil your cat or dog with special treats, pick up some gourmet treats, make some homemade treats, or share some healthy leftovers. They’ll love you for it!

  1. Schedule a Spa Day

Schedule a day at the groomer.  Cats and dogs may not enjoy the pet grooming process but will look great and feel great once it’s over. You’ll really spoil them this way!

  1. Buy a New Comfy Bed

Our pets love to nap, so spoil your cat or dog with a cozy new bed.  Try a memory foam or orthopedic bed for our older friends. Time to get rid of their old one.

  1. Turn on the Television.

When you leave them alone, turn on the television to a nature channel.  Pets love the sound of nature. Try Animal Planet, Nat Geo or DOGTV. You’ll know which one once your cat or dog sits very still to listen to it.

Spoil Your Cat or Dog for National Pet Month

May is National Pet Month, spoil your cat or dog this month and every day by trying one or five of these suggestions.  Show your pet how much they are loved.

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