5 Tips To Help You And Your Cat

Getting a new pet cat can be both exciting and anxious. Though cats are infamous for their mysterious behaviors, as long as you are bonding with them at their pace, you can become their best friends! Because cats are very curious independent creatures, they may not always be able to tell you how they feel. Sometimes, you’ll notice odd behaviors when they have already destroyed a piece of furniture or left their scents on your carpets. Don’t worry, here are five tips that can help you and your cat: 

cat care

5 Tips in Cat Care

  • Spay/neuter Your Cat – Spaying or neutering prevents them from diseases and infections. Plus, it discourages them from roaming outside to relieve themselves or marking territories.
  • Socialize with Your Cat  – Socializing with a new cat can seem counterintuitive: let them come to you. However, this allows them to build trust and be more comfortable. If you have had a cat for a few months to a few years already, always play with them to relieve their energy and stress.
  • Litter Boxes – Practice good hygiene in your cat by cleaning out their litter box everyday. Not doing so makes them relieve themselves elsewhere, especially if there is an infection.
  • Invest in a Scratching Post – Save your own furniture by investing in a scratching for the new kitty. A scratching post helps with their scratching urges and keeps them exercised. 
  • Have a Good Cat Veterinarian – Since having a new cat, you will need a local cat veterinarian nearby for cat care such as: checkups, vaccines, and hygiene. 

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