Why Your New Pet Needs to See a Vet After Adoption

Pet adoption is excellent, but right after you adopt them, you should see the vet for a few reasons. The first is that it helps establish a good association with the vet. If you only take your pet to the vet when they’re in pain or discomfort, they will associate the veterinarian with a bad experience. Another reason to take them to the vet right after adopting is to make sure your dog is in good standing or if they need any particular medication or treatment in the future. 

When going to the vet for the first time, it can seem overwhelming with all the information they may give you, so here’s a little cheat sheet of information on what to expect when going to your pet’s first visit. 

Medical Records

The veterinarian will go over previous medical records to see if there are preexisting conditions or if your pet has received any care before such as surgery or medications.

Physical Examination

After your pet adoption, they will be checked very thoroughly to make sure your pet is healthy and in good standing. They will look at things such as eyes, heart, lungs, ears, skin allergies, paws, and many more to make sure they have everything they need. 


The next step would be to make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations. Depending on when in their life, you adopt your pet, different vaccines may be needed. Additional vaccinations or treatments may be recommended to protect them from certain things such as diseases or parasites.

Home Life

After examining your pet, the veterinarian will give you the best practices for your pet and how to take care of them. They will go over what type of food they should eat, how to deal with parasites like fleas and ticks, how to keep them healthy, and other suggestions. This is an excellent opportunity to ask them any questions or concerns you may have about your pet.

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