Tips to Remove Pet Odor

Pets are a lovely addition to your home but sometimes they can leave an odor that can be tough to get rid of. Here are some tips to remove pet odor from your home.

Groom as often as you can

The most effective way to keep your home clean and smelling good is to keep your pet clean. When it goes outside and comes back with the dirt, whip it off before they spread it throughout your home. If they get too dirty you should bathe them and every once in a while you should bathe them even if they don’t seem dirty. 

One reminder is that cats need to have baths too even if they don’t want to or seem like it.


Keep pets off your furniture

Everyone has their own rules for their house and pets and this one can be difficult to stop when your dog is giving you puppy dog eyes. While you may not want to, this is a great way to remove pet odor from staying in your home. If this is too much then try keeping your pet extra clean when they come from outside.


Properly clean up messes when they happen

Your pet is going to have accidents, especially if you get your pet at a young age, but it’s important to clean the area correctly or it could cause odor in the future. Taking care of the mess right away and using a disinfectant can help break down those odors that stink your house. If a mess happens on the carpet look at getting a cleaning vacuum that washes the carpet to help eliminate odor.


Clean up the air in your house

A good way to clean up the odor smell is by purifying the air in your home. There are lots of ways to clean the air from Febreze to essential oils with a diffuser. Whatever you prefer to clean your air will be beneficial.


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