Skin Sensitivity in Dogs

When it comes to your dogs, smooth and healthy skin can uphold fur better and repair itself quickly. With the cold season upon us, it’s easy to see your dogs suffering from some skin sensitivity. So if your pet dog is suffering from skin sensitivity, it could possibly be due to the cold. Here are some signs to look out for if you see that your dog is acting strangely:

Signs of Skin Sensitivity

  • Excessive Scratching

A huge sign that your dog is having skin sensitivity is when it is scratching itself more often than usual. The issue can range from anything such as allergies, infections, or internal dysfunctions. You can purchase some skin relief products for your dog to help it relax!

  • Hair/Fur Loss

When your dog scratches itself constantly, it could disturb its hair or fur, causing loss of it. It becomes more noticeable when patches of hair or fur lay on the floor, that may have some bloody roots. Immediately try to alleviate the itch and then further examine your pet see if there are any skin breakage. Skin breakage could allow parasites to stay and bacteria to form.

  • Dry Patches

Dry patches often look red and dandruff. It is very sensitive to touch and can become more irritated if left untreated. This is usually due to the dry air and cold weather. Use ointments or lotions meant for pets to help alleviate its pain.

If you find that your pet dog is having either mild or severe skin sensitivities, and is reacting badly to it, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Animal Medical Center of Appleton for help! Call us at 920-749-1717. We are dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and other pets you have in your home!