Signs Your Dog Is Getting Sick

Sometimes the signs your dog getting sick are not so obvious as humans. Humans cough, sneeze, and can vocalize when they don’t feel good, which is clearly not the case with animals! The animal med center is here to give you the full rundown, so you can catch the early signs when your dog is getting sick!

Throwing Up or Not Eating

A dog owner needs to be aware of their dogs eating habits. A dog should be on an eating schedule, and if they are are not eating their food when it’s in their bowl, this is a sign your dog is getting sick. Most of the time if a dog is sick, they will not like to eat dry food, and they will crave water to stay hydrated.

An upset stomach, gas, vomiting, diarrhea can be pretty clear signs your dog is getting sick. If they are throwing up their food repeatedly, taking a look at their dog food is the next step. You may need to switch to prescription dog food. Call the animal experts at Animal Med Center of Appleton for more information!signs your dog is getting sick

Drooling and Bad Breath

While yes all dogs drool, excessive amounts are not normal! If your dog is getting up with a puddle next to them of drool all the time, they could be sick.

We are not saying dogs need to have minty-fresh breath, as much as we all wish. But if your dog’s breath is exceptionally smelly without having to sniff directly in their mouth, this could be a sign they are not getting the proper nutrients.

No Energy

Running around in the yard is most dogs favorite thing to do! Dogs that get tired easily or simply don’t want to run around are clear signs your dog could be getting sick. If a human was sick, they wouldn’t want to be running around either! Pay attention to your dog’s energy levels and make sure they always have a full bowl of water and they are staying cool and hydrated. Do not overwork your dog if they just want to rest!

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Excessive Panting

Panting after playing in the yard, or going on a walk/run is completely normal. But if they have not been doing a lot of activity and it isn’t scorching hot outside, then excessive panting can mean something is off, and they do not know what’s going on! Try to calm your dog down by sitting with them. If it continues, please take them to the vet as soon as you can.

Not Acting like Themselves

As a pet owner, you just know when your dog isn’t themselves. If they are acting whimpery or different, they could be not feeling well. It is important to give your dog the rest they need. Make sure they are staying out of the heat and always drinking enough water.

If any of these signs continue for more than a few days, it is important to call Animal Medical Center of Appleton and get your dog into the vet as soon as you can. Something could be seriously wrong with your furry friend and we are here to help!  Animal Medical Center is proudly location in Appleton, WI and services the surrounding areas.