Keeping Your Pets Healthy in the Autumn Months

With summer changing into Autumn, it’s natural to be excited about the cooler temperatures and changing plant colors. Our furry friends would love nothing more than to jump in a pile of orange and red leaves, but what they don’t know is that cold weathers have their hazards too. Here are some tips for pet health in the autumn months that you should keep in mind.

Autumn Pet Health Tips

  • Natural poisons & cold weather poisons

Autumn is mushroom season and although not all mushrooms are poisonous, a small percentage of them are. Our furry friends could unknowingly eat this 1%, causing fatality. Cold weather poisons, such as rodenticides and engine coolants, are highly toxic as they sit out in the cold weather for a long time. Keep your pets away from these toxins.

  • Keep pets away from school supplies

It seems silly that school supplies would make this list, but as innocent as it sounds, school supplies are a choking hazard for our pets. When children start school, it’s easy for our pets to explore and want to chew and play with school supplies. Keep these supplies out of reach.

  • Be aware of wildlife

As autumn approaches, many animals and insects start to roam about to prepare for hibernation. Be especially careful of animals such as snakes and bears that search far and wide for food. Check your pets for ticks that like to burrow.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons and is a great change of color from summer green. At the Animal Medical Center of Appleton, we want you and your furry friends to be able to enjoy it and still keep these pet health tips in mind. If you have additional questions, feel free to visit our website or give us a call at 920-749-1717.