How To Keep Your Pet Safe In Winter

During winter, your pets are more vulnerable to the cold than you think. The cold dry air, as well as the sleet and snow, can make your pets’ paws itchy and flaky, causing them great discomfort during walks. Prevent winter dangers from happening to your pets by planning a few hours ahead of time for walks or any type of outdoor exposure. Here are a few tips on winter pet safety that you may want to heed.

Winter Pet Safety You Should Know About

  • Know your pet’s limit!

Some winter days are a lot colder than we can handle. Your pet’s fur coat helps keep them warm. Do not shave your pet’s fur down to their skin during the winter months.

  • Wipe their paws after walking.

After a good walk, your pet’s paws are exposed to snow, ice, mud, and sometimes toxic car liquids. Gently wash off their paws with soap and warm water to keep them clean.

  • Keep Them Leashed.

Winter is the worst time to have your pet walking around without a leash. They can become lost and snow can prevent them from sniffing their way back home.

  • Be seen in the dark.

Since evenings have become darker and earlier, drivers often overlook people walking their dogs because they are hard to see. Help them, yourself, and your pet be seen by wearing reflective clothing.

  • Have an emergency plan.

During the winter months, our homes can unexpectedly have a pipe burst or power outage. You may have an emergency but make sure it includes your pets as well.

At the Animal Medical Center of Appleton, we are aware that winter can have a lot of effects on our adorable companions. If you have additional questions, feel free to visit our website or give us a call.