How To Keep Your Dog Warm On Winter Walks | Winter Pet Safety

The frigid month of January is here, and us humans aren’t the only ones that are freezing in the cold Wisconsin winters! We have some winter pet safety tips every dog owner should know. Even though your dog has “a winter coat of fur,” doesn’t mean he/she can’t get cold! So the real question is, do you need to give your dog extra protection on walks when the temperatures are freezing? The answer is, it depends! There are a few things that go into this decision like weight, size, and thickness of your furry animal friend. Clearly, bigger dogs that have a lot of fur like St. Bernards or German Shepherds do not need as much protection as a small wiener dog would need.

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Winter Pet Safety Tips

Listen to your pet

There are definitely cues that your dog gives off that you will be able to notice when they might not want to go outside or on walks, once the colder months come around. If you find yourself having a hard time getting your pet out the door in winter, they are probably just cold! If they bark, whine, or run away from the door, this is also a clear sign they do not want to go outside and face the cold. The pads on dogs feet are sensitive and freezing grass, snow, and ice can harm their little paws.

Purchase a pet coat

One winter pet safety tip is to get your pooch a pet coat! If you know your dog’s size, it is very easy to pick up a coat from a reputable pet company such as PetCo, Pet World, Pet Supply Plus, or an online retailer. A coat will give your dog extra protection from harsh wind and freezing chill, so your pet can be warm and enjoy him/herself on walks with you.

If it’s not freezing, but just a little chilly, a pet sweater/hoodie could be a good option for extra warmth. They come in multiple colors and styles if you want your dog to be warm and trendy at the same time.

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Buy dog booties

Some pets do not like to wear clothing because it bothers them. Another option is dog booties for their paws. Booties protect your pet’s sensitive paws from extreme weather. There are boots made at pet stores and online for dogs ranging from xx-small to xx-large.


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