How To Get Rid of Fleas From Your Home

Fleas are something that no pet owner wants to deal with. In the unfortunate event that your animal does get fleas and attracts them into your home, we have some simple tips to spot and get rid of fleas from your home and your pets.

The thought of fleas is definitely not a pleasant one, and ANY pet can get them even if you have the cleanest home. The first places you need to check are your bedsheets, carpets, rugs and couches as this is where they like to hide. Fall is a time when fleas like to come to life because this is generally when people start to turn on the heat in their homes.Appleton Wisconsin Medical Center Veterinarian

How to spot fleas on your pets

Constant scratching is the most obvious sign of fleas. If you are not sure its fleas, try and brush them with a flea comb onto some paper. If you see small black dots, this could be flea dirt! Get the paper wet, and if the dots turn red, they are definitely fleas.

Typically humans do not have an adverse reaction to flea bites. On the other hand, if they are sensitive to them, an itchy red bump could appear on the skin. Anytime a human has a reaction to fleas, it’s best to get medical attention from a doctor.

How to get rid of fleas from your home

  • To get rid of fleas in your home the first step is to treat your animal with medicine immediately! There are a lot of different flea products available for cats and dogs. The most common form is a spot treatment. Some animals react differently to medicines, but there are plenty to choose from. The experts at Animal Medical center would recommend your animal taking Vectra, a topical solution for fleas and ticks or Nexgard, an oral pill.
  • Wash everything you can in hot water
  • Sweep and mop hardwood or tile floors
  • Spray and Vacuum all carpets and furniture.

What problems can fleas cause pets

Dogs and cats can suffer from a flea allergy from the bites called dermatitis. Another common problem with fleas is tapeworm since it’s also spread by fleas. Fleas live on the blood of your animal so you might notice your pet is fatigued if it has fleas.  Fleas can lay eggs every day which will multiply quickly. An entire flea population can build up in just a few weeks, which makes getting rid of them even more challenging.

If you suspect your animal has fleas or you want to learn more about how to get rid of fleas from your home, don’t hesitate to call Animal Medical Center! Our Veterinary Clinic is located in Appleton, schedule your pets next appointment by calling 920-749-1717.