February is National Pet Dental Health Month

We want to highlight the importance of dental hygiene in our pets because it’s not only about bad breath, but overall health.  Bad breath may signify a serious health problem, not only in the teeth and gums but in the internal organs. Periodontitis is the most common disease in cats and dogs, though it’s completely preventable.   There are many ways we as owners can maintain the dental health of our pets. The more often we care for our pet’s oral health, the better.

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How Can I Maintain My Pet’s Dental Health?

Professional cleaning is the best way to ensure the overall dental health of our pets.  A veterinarian can best assess any issues going on in our fur baby’s mouth. A veterinarian is experienced in preventing, locating and treating any issues that go unnoticed by dedicated pet parents.  Most dental disease will occur below the gumline.

Here are some steps we can take towards maintaining our pet’s dental health at home:

  • Ideally we brush our pet’s teeth on a daily basis with a toothpaste made specifically for cats or dogs.  Human toothpaste ingredients can be toxic to pets.
  • Tooth wipes are an option for improving pet dental health, but they don’t clean as deeply as a good brushing.
  • There are specific dental treats on the market designed to scrape plaque off the teeth through gnawing.  Many natural dental treats that are made from meat contain enzymes that aid in dental health.animal medical center appleton february pet dental health month
  • Long lasting nylon or rubber chew toys aid in better pet dental health, by scraping at some of the debris on a pet’s teeth.


If you choose only one option to promote your pet’s dental health, it should be to schedule a professional cleaning and checkup with your veterinarian.  Yearly dental exams are very important to the health of your pets.