Why Are Your Dog’s Paws Itchy?

For people, itching can be distracting, uncomfortable, and irritating, which is why we can relate to our four-legged friends when their paws are itchy. It might take a little trial and error before you are able to find relief. Here are two lists we have compiled of the causes of your dog’s itchy paws and dog paw relief that may work for it.

Causes of dog’s itchy paws:

  • Allergies is the most common cause of itchy paws in dogs. As unique as it is to humans, dogs can also show other signs of allergies due to the environment they’re in or the food they consume.
  • Paw infections, or yeast infections, can be due to a number of reasons. Some of those reasons may be due to allergies, moisture buildup, or bacterial infections and can cause itching, inflammation, flaky skin, or even discoloration. 
  • Dry paw pads occurs due to heat, friction from long walks, open wounds, or even just from normal wear and tear. It can cause dryness and peeling and more importantly, it should be treated before it goes on for too long.
  • Dirt and trapped moisture can be due to poor paw hygiene. Dirt can linger from walks, food, water, or mud. 

Dog Paw Relief to Help:

  • Paw balms are best for paws that have mild symptoms, such as itchiness, redness, or dryness.
  • Practicing good hygiene is a must for dogs that love nature or needs to be groomed often. Trim paw fur to prevent moisture buildup and make sure to wash their paws from dirt after every walk!
  • Treat allergies by finding the cause of irritation, but it is easier said than done. Finding the cause may include changing their diet, checking environments and medications, or adjusting their treatments accordingly.
  • Medications are only prescribed if the conditions of your dog’s paws have not improved or are getting worse. Your local veterinarian can help prescribe medications so that your pet can have a healthier daily life!

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