Dog Toys Recommended by Our Dog Vets

Dogs love toys but some toys can be dangerous to them. Depending on what your dog wants to do with the toy and how big of a dog they are can determine what kind of dog toys you should allow them to play with. Here are some of the best dog toys recommended by our dog vets.

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Active Toys

These toys such as tennis balls or other fetching balls, tug-of-war rope, or even sticks for some dogs are examples of active toys for dogs. These types of toys are used when the dog is running around with them and often are chewed on. These are typically resistant to breaking off so easily when chewed on or through but dog vets recommend when they do that you take them away from the dog so no choking occurs. 

Distraction Toys

A great example of this toy is the Kong®-type toys, these are great for putting treats or peanut butter in them to keep your dog busy and not eat too quickly. Some things to look out for with these types of toys are what rubber they are made of. Making sure your dog isn’t allergic to any of the ingredients is essential. Also, keep in mind that you should replace the toy once it starts to break down too much so your dog doesn’t choke on any plastic or rubber pieces. 

Comfort Toys

These types of toys are typically your stuffed animal kind of toys and depending on what your dog wants to do with them will dictate what kind of toy you should get your dog. If your dog wants to carry it around and not chew through it, then you have more freedom to get any kind of comfort dog toy. But if your dog wants to kill it and rip it apart then making sure any of the contents inside the toy are not going to harm your dog or cause choking is important to consider. 

While you can’t make a dog choose a specific toy, you can limit their options to choose from. If you have any questions about what toys our dog vets recommend, visit your local veterinarian for more information or visit our website Animal Medical Center