How to Deal with Winter Skin Allergies for Dogs

Winter can be a difficult time for your dog’s skin especially if you live in a cold climate. The heat from inside homes can cause your dog’s skin to dry out causing flaky, and sensitive skin. Here are some tips to know on how to handle your dog’s skin allergies in winter.

  • Check your dogs for dandruff, just like humans dogs can have dandruff and it can occur when their skin loses moisture from the colder temperatures outside and the hot air inside homes. This can make your dog very uncomfortable and should be treated as such. 
  • Things such as brushing your dog can help remove dandruff and spread your pet’s natural oils on its skin. 
  • Reduce the number of times you bathe your dog in the winter as this can remove your dog’s natural oils causing more dandruff to form. 
  • Have a home with enough humidity in the air to help the moisture on your dog stay on its skin. 
  • Provide your dog with high-quality food or veterinarian prescribed supplements to help your pet maintain healthy skin. 
  • Make sure your dog is drinking enough freshwater as that can help their skin stay moisturized. 

Just like humans, a dog’s skin acts very similarly and needs to be treated in the same manner. Make sure to check your dog’s skin every once in a while to see if they have anything forming on their skin. If your dog has been known to have a skin allergy it is even more important that you check to make sure their skin is acting properly as they can be more susceptible to certain foods and products. 

If you have any questions about your dog’s skin allergies or what to do with your dog’s skin in the wintertime, contact Animal Medical Center in Appleton, WI to help answer any of your questions so your pet can live a happy and healthy life.