Common Veterinarian Pet Questions

Whether you are a new pet owner or a long-time pet owner, there may be a time that you have a question about your pet; here are some common veterinarian pet questions.

Common veterinarian pet questions

My pet is throwing up or has diarrhea? What should I do?

Depending on what type of pet you have, this answer can vary. If you have a dog, it could be because they’re more likely to have eaten something they found on the ground than a cat. They could be experiencing these symptoms for a few reasons, like an upset stomach, ate something they shouldn’t, or are allergic to a particular food. The best bet for you will be to contact your local veterinarian if it continues to see what could’ve caused it.

How do I know if my pet has a food allergy?

We have a great blog that talks about grain allergies for dogs and how to treat them. For more on that, read about it here. Another sign to know if your dog has a food allergy, is if they’re itchier than usual, but this can also come down to if they have ingested an allergen like pollen or even a flea allergy. If itching is increased and stays for longer than usual, contact your local veterinarian to help further.

Why does my pet’s breath stink?

As pets get older, they are more likely to get dental disease; this is common in many dogs and cats today. One thing to do is to get regular checkups and teeth cleaning to try to limit bad breath and dental disease in the future. Even with doing all these preventative measures, it is still possible for your pet to develop a dental problem. 

Common veterinarian pet questions

No matter what question you may have about your pet, we are always here to help you with it. 

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