Smelly Cat? 5 Cat Hygiene Tips

Smelly cat – that brings a song to mind… If you have a smelly cat, most likely it isn’t the cat’s fault.  There are things that we as humans can do to prevent a smelly cat. Cats typically keep themselves pretty clean, so it’s simple to assist.  Many times, a smelly cat may mean an unhealthy cat; there is more to a cat’s hygiene besides keeping its coat clean.  A cat needs to be taken care of inside and out.


5 Cat Hygiene Tips:

  1. Brushing and Combing – these are essential in longhaired cats to remove tangles and prevent matting.  Brushing and combing prevent hairballs because hair that is ingested cannot be digested, thus forming hairballs in the stomach.
  2. Oral Hygiene – check your cat’s teeth on a monthly basis to establish a cleaning routine.  Older cats need regular check-ups and professional cleanings to avoid gum disease and oral infections.
  3. Clean Litter Box – to keep germs and parasites from breeding do this daily. Cats are clean creatures, and many will refrain from urinating or defecating in a dirty litter box.  This can lead to digestive issues or urinary tract infections.
  4. Quality Food – helps keep the cat healthy on the outside as well as on the inside. Essential nutrients keep the cat’s skin healthy.  Quality food is better for digestion; therefore, less gas and healthy on the inside.
  5. Bathing – if your cat’s coat gets oily or greasy or the cat has gotten into something foul-smelling, use a mild shampoo that is safe to use on cats.


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